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My ultimate passion is to help small businesses succeed over the long haul. I understand that your business is not just a venture or dream. It's your livelihood. It's what supports your family. It's what you've dedicated your life to. It's who you are. Too many small businesses fail when they could have succeeded. You bring the skill, dream, and passion. But a business has very little chance of succeeding or growing without knowing how it's performing- the health of the business if you will. You wouldn't know how healthy (or unhealthy) your body truly was if you didn't go to the doctor (an expert). In the same way, you need an expert to analyze exactly how your business is performing, where it's succeeding, where it could grow and, in some cases, catch symptoms early on if there are signs of trouble ahead, and how to avert them. Just like you can live without going to the doctor but your body will pay eventually, your business may pay dearly over time if you don't find a knowledgeable accountant to partner with. You need to know the exact pulse of your business. You can't afford not to. I've been fortunate and blessed to gain the knowledge to help you do that. So please, let me partner with you. To me, you are not a client. You are a business partner, a friend, and someone I plan on building a relationship with for a long time.

My unique career path and mix of experience have helped me to become an extremely valuable resource for your business. This includes 13 years of accounting, 15 years in retail (3 of those years as a retail business owner), 20 combined years in management, and working with small businesses for a total of 10 years.  I've also been teaching accounting and Quickbooks business classes at the college level for over 6 years.  All this knowledge and experience is cemented together with the knowledge I gained earning my MBA and CPA. This gives me the ability to not just be able to fulfill your accounting needs but also how to take that information and leverage it in a way that will give your business the best chance for success and growth.


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